Who we are

Sagapò is a voluntary association that promotes individual and collective sensitization towards the values of intercultural dialogue, considered as an instrument of progress and improvement of the quality of life, that fosters the friendship between people of different cultures and nations and that promotes the affirmation of the principles of integration, of tolerance and of peace among people.


Mostly, our volunteers have less than 35 years old (our president as well). Most of us feel close to the problems of intercultural dialogue, religious confrontation and overcoming of the obstacles, which are important prerequisites for the integration and coexistence between civil and peaceful people.

For years we have invested energy and passion everyday to carry our values forward and we hope that more and more people will join us and that one day our mission will be an element of normality in everyday life.

                                                             WHAT WE DO


Sagapò is currently the head of the incubation project D.I.A.L.O.G.U.E. , funded by the Department of Youth and National Civil Service of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, as part of the "Giovani per il sociale" program. D.I.A.L.O.G.U.E. is a program of production and development of ideas for social innovation, aimed to the final creation of entrepreneurial realities with a strong local and social impact. The goal is the creation of a meeting point, a dialogue and the development of potentialities among young women and men, Italians and foreigners. The project will guide them by promoting their social inclusion and enhancing cultural diversity, considered as a potential competitive advantage in the development of their own activities and in the launch of socially innovative business initiatives.

At the same time, Sagapò is the head of a National Partnership Project for the revaluation of the territory, approved by the Department of Youth itself as part of the “Giovani per la valorizzazione dei beni pubblici" program. The association is currently in contact with the Municipality of Naples for the assignment of a disused public good, in which the activities of the project will be carried out. Due to the numerous delays of the distribution of funds, the realization of these projects is very difficult. That’s why, together with the Meridonare crowdfunding platform, we started a fundraising campaign.

                                                         OUR HISTORY


The Sagapò Association, founded in 1996 as a general youth association, changed its legal nature in 2009 following a change in the corporate purpose and became a voluntary association (under the law 266/91), which promotes activities specifically aimed to intercultural and inter-religious dialogue.

Since 2006, the association has been very active in the field of youth policies, collaborating with the Centro Servizi Giovani of Portici in the management of various training and orientation events for young people of the Vesuvian territory and collaborating with other local associations, especially to promote job placement and the launch of business activities. The activity of the association has always been promoted, taking into account a local territorial reference between the city of Naples and the Province.

Since 2010, Sagapò works with the Don Puglisi Association for the realization of activities of support and to encourage to legality education programs for young people in the area and Congolese immigrants.

Furthermore, the association is involved in  the “Liberi Libri” project, founded by the Fondazione per il Sud, for the promotion of libraries as multicultural centers of aggregation for young people, with the involvement of migrants too. Sagapò collaborated with the Centro Servizi Giovani of Portici for the organization of creative aperitifs, in order to offer job opportunities to local young people, artists of the area (Portici, San Sebastiano, Ercolano and Massa di Somma) in the field of creative professions.

Since we are regularly included in the Regional Register of Associations, we are a legal non-profit organization.

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